The 5-Star Reviews "Bookings Booster" Website Badge

I'm a cut-to-the-chase person, and I suspect you are, too. Time is money (and freedom), right? So even if you've got enough bookings for this month, quieter periods are just around the corner. What next?

It's increasingly vital that your 5-star reputation helps you stand out, and that your reviews actively generate more calls and bookings for you.

That's what the 5-Star Reviews "Bookings Booster" Website Badge will do for you. It's compelling, guest-friendly and crazy-effective at bringing in more calls and bookings. And for November, we're offering it for way less than a cup of coffee a day. But that deal is only available for a few days.

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Here's Why This is So Powerful for You Right Now

It Instantly Boosts Trust in Your 5-Star B&B

We all know positive reviews are great trust-builders - especially 5-star ratings that are verified by Google. The 5-Star Reviews "Bookings Booster" Website Badge pulls in only verified 5-star Google reviews.

It's Incredibly Quick and Easy to Install

We collect a few details from you, then create your badge, which will live-stream your 5-star Google reviews, 24/7. We send you a snippet of code that you install on your site, which only takes a minute.

It Produces New Calls, Bookings & Revenue

When your website visitors see your friendly badge displaying your 5-star Google reviews - on every page of your site - they'll want to get in touch. Just one click on any review will let them call you. It's that simple!

Get it now for less than $1/day if you act now.

(Our special offer ends when the timer runs out.)

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What's Included & How It Works So Powerfully

Everything I teach and provide is as simple, easy and profitable as possible. After all, the object is for you to have a more revenue, consistently.

And without extra grind, hassle or stress. So you can have a more profitable, enjoyable B&B business. And a happier life. Deal?

Everything I teach and offer is based on simple, easy and proven strategies that work. Here's what's included for you here...

A Simple, Powerful 5-Star Reviews Badge You Can Use on Every Page of Your Website

There is an art to creating guest experiences that delights guests, has them eager to return and delivers you far higher revenue and profits per guest - without any extra work from you! I'll show you how to do this. I promise you, you'll love it!

All You Do Then Is... Simply Continue to Collect and Respond to Your Google Reviews as Usual

In addition to having your 5-star Google reviews displayed prominently on your website, you also want to encourage your guests (current and past) to give you their feedback via Google reviews. Then respond to them as appropriate. That boosts trust. A lot.

Measurable Gains for You - More Bookings, Revenue & Profits

Now you'll be able to move away from depending on the online travel agents for your calls and bookings. Instead, your 5-Star Reviews Website Badge will put the initiative back in your hands. Guests will call and book with you directly. Happy days!

I'm confident that you'll be delighted with your 5-Star Reviews Website Badge. That's why I'm so happy to make it available to you. So, how about it?

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Get it now for less than $1/day if you act now.

(Our special offer ends when the timer runs out.)

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I’m also going to include two “Ask Yvonne Anything” group coaching calls during December. These calls are just like the ones I hold with all my high-end coaching clients. They will ensure you get your questions answered quickly and start generating those new bookings that are so vital to your cash flow, business health and peace of mind.

About Yvonne Halling

World-Leading Bed & Breakfast Coach & Lifestyle Business Architect

Hello, I’m Yvonne Halling and I ran a Bed and Breakfast business for 17 years in the Champagne region of France, where we welcomed people from all over the world, helping them to discover and delight in the hidden gems of Champagne.

For the past eight years, I have coached, trained and mentored fellow Bed and Breakfast owners worldwide to have a thriving B&B business and a happy lifestyle, using proven online strategies, templates and technology.

I opened my B&B in 2001, before the internet! How life has changed since then. If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you’re sure to be able to relate to that. And if you’re new to the business, welcome to our friendly B&B growth family.

I believe we are lucky to have witnessed the explosion of communication channels, which we can use to grow great businesses that delight our guests, provide for our families and give us the lifestyles we desire. And I'm here to help you do just that!

What Makes My Products & Coaching Different

As a business owner, you have either been bombarded with advice and pitches, or heard from others who have. The thing is, the vast majority of people dong the pitching have never been in your shoes, actually running a B&B.

I have. Successfully. For 17 years (through ups and downs). Nor do they keep their eye on what matters: high-profit solutions that you can actually fit into your already-busy working week... and make money from using. 

I'm all about productive action that brings you more revenue, higher profits and the lifestyle you desire - because I know just how much all that has meant to me, my clients and students of the years. So this is what you will experience with this package and everything else I offer.


My training and coaching is always based on my direct experience of owning and running a successful B&B for 17 years in France, and applying what works for other B&B owners worldwide.

creating great guest experiences

We all know that delighting our guests is the only way to sustainable success in the B&B and hospitality industry. That's why all my training and coaching is founded on this time-tested truth, leveraging it for win-win outcomes.

simple, quick & high-profit solutions

As a busy B&B owner, I know you don't have the time and energy to take on another big job in your working week. Nor do you want to risk strategies, tools and platforms that won't work. So I keep things simple, easy and high-profit.

What My Clients & Students Say

It really matters and means so much to me to see my clients and students get great results. Not only is this such a relief for their business, it's also a huge breath of air for their peace of mind and life in general. Here's a selection of what they say. You can see for yourself that my methods work.

"Created over $6000 in new bookings in one week!"


"28%↑ in 1 season & more time for myself"

Lyn Martin testimonial - Dorset House B&B UK
Howard Mattingley testimonial - North Wales UK

So now it's time for your 5-star reviews to generate more calls, bookings and revenue for you. Plus a better night's sleep for yourself...

I've created two versions of this package and priced both to give you exceptional results and unbeatable value.

To get started today, just pick the version that will serve you best and I'll see you on the inside!

Which Option Do You Prefer?

bookings booster 5-star reviews BADGE - monthly DEAL

This limited-time deal is the lowest price you'll ever see for this customer-friendly, B&B friendly 5-star reviews badge.

  • Immediate Start - We'll Have You Up & Running in 2 Business Days or Less
  • Simple, Clear Instructions So Your Badge Will Be Live in 2 Minutes!
  • Quick, Easy Access to Us for Any Questions
  • Bonus: 2 "Ask Yvonne Anything" 1-hour live group coaching calls
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (We Actually Aim for Your Delight!)
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bookings booster 5-star reviews BADGE - annual DEAL

Save an extra 30% when you get your 5-star reviews badge for 12 months (for only the price of 8.4 months).

  • Immediate Start - We'll Have You Up & Running in 2 Business Days or Less
  • Simple, Clear Instructions So Your Badge Will Be Live in 2 Minutes!
  • Quick, Easy Access to Us for Any Questions
  • Bonus: 2 "Ask Yvonne Anything" 1-hour live group coaching calls
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (We Actually Aim for Your Delight!)
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Get in now and you will be guaranteed these low prices for as long as you choose to stay on this deal.

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30 Day No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you don't love and value this product, just let me know and I'll send you an immediate full refund.

Your Questions Answered

Will this work for me and my B&B?

Absolutely! This simple strategy provides your guests what they want: quick and easy access to the great reviews you're receiving from other guests. And right now is a terrific time to do this. After all, so many people really, really want a break - including your previous guests! In fact, they're way past ready for a break. However, they want to make sure they choose a B&B they'll love. So let's give them a great reason to stay with you!

How quickly will this work?

This will of course depend on a few key factors, like how many people are visiting your website, the number and quality of your 5-star reviews and the look and feel of your B&B, as brought to life on your website. What we can say is that we've seen other B&B owners getting calls within hours and during the first two days. While we can't promise specific times for you, this will only boost the calls and bookings you get. So, let's get going!

Does this approach require spending on ads?

Not one bit! That's one of the beauties of this strategy. What's more, what' creates more natural trust - an ad or a great testimonial (that's verified)? So, let's get going, shall we?

Does this involve using booking agencies?

No, no and no again. (I have really strong feelings about those booking sites. They take so much money and control it makes me shake my head and get cross what they do to B&B owners.) So no, you'll be getting in fresh bookings without those agencies getting their mitts on your money, your profits and your guests. Feels good, eh? So... let's do this!

What if I'm not very technical?

You don't need to be. There is just one simple thing you'll need to do to get this set up and running, so you get those 5-star reviews showing up on every page of your website and attracting fresh calls and guest bookings. Installation typically takes about 2 minutes. Either you can do it, or your webmaster can. So let's make it happen!

How many 5-star reviews do I need?

Honestly, even a few is enough to start with. And that should provide the incentive for you to get cracking with collecting some more, from your current and past guests. (We can help you with that - just ask us and we'll walk you through our suggestions.) So with that said, the sooner you get started, the sooner you and your visitors will get that delight!

Will this work in the current environment?

Yes, it will. So many people are desperate for a getaway right now that there is a LOT of pent-up demand out there. Of course, people also want something special that feels like more just a night somewhere different. That's why your 5-star reviews are so key to letting them know they'll have wonderful stay with you. (It's also a big part of our special sauce: creating a mouth-watering experience that your guests love - while adding extra profit for you, with no extra work. We're also happy to talk to you about how we do that.)

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