The Easy, Delightful Way to Bring In Extra Cash Before Christmas

Consumers spend more money between now and Christmas than any other time of the year. Here's the simple, quick, easy way you can bring in a nice windfall in cash, delighting your past guests by offering them lovely gifts they can buy from you!

Delight Your Guests & Give Yourself a Cash Boost

More often than not, the gifts that mean the most to us are different, special and create happy memories. That's a lot like the feelings you create for your guest when you host them at your B&B, right? Well, what if they could buy Christmas gifts from you, that created those wonderful feelings for their loved ones? How great would that be for them and you? The beauty is, you can offer this service in just a few quick, easy and fun steps - and create a nice income boost over the coming weeks.

They Have a Nagging Problem...

Nowadays, most people can buy what they want any time they want. That makes it harder than ever to find interesting Christmas gifts. Why? Because your loved ones quite often have already bought many of the things on their wish list. So where do your guests find gifts that aren't the "same-old, same-old"? Gifts that will delight?

Why Not Help Them, And Profit?

That's where you come in! Instead of your guests going to the same few overused retailers where everybody else is shopping, what if you had a few special products available for them to buy as gifts? And what if you had your products ready to buy in a simple online store that was really easy for you to set up - even if you've never done it before?

Here's How Well This Works

"When Yvonne Halling first mentioned about creating a gift shop page I just couldn't wrap my brain around creating one, let alone figuring out what to sell.

Yvonne gave me the push I needed to get it done. I am so grateful she did!!

I ran my campaign for 3 days and as a result I made $620 in sales with a profit of $416 in just 2 days. Thank you Yvonne... My heart truly appreciates it!!

Karen and Creston Billings, Point au Roche Lodge, Plattsburg, USA
Karen Billings - Owner
Point Au Roche Lodge, Plattsburgh, New York, USA

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Generate extra cash fast - between now and christmas

This strategy employs a simple, fast and easy 3-phase approach that has been proven to generate extra cash quickly. It works!

"rinse & repeat" throughout the year for even more cash

Think about all the other times your guests would love to buy gifts that have "that special something". Birthdays, anniversaries, you name it... That's why this is such a terrific year-round way to delight your past guests (even those from years ago) and generate extra cash for you.

create extra goodwill that leads to more guest bookings

We all remember people who treat us well, right? As you reach out to your guests with this delightful solution to a problem that vexes many of them, they'll remember you even more fondly. Naturally, they're going to be more likely to book with you again... and recommend you to others!

What You'll Love About This Workshop

  • Zeroing in on what to sell
  • setting up your online shop
  • telling your guests about it

A Simple, Easy, Proven Process

The process we'll be using in this workshop has worked for me and fellow B&B owners around the world that I've taught and coached. There are just 3 phases. And I break it all down for you and hold your hand, step by step.

Learn & Earn! (Quickly & Easily)

As a B&B owner, what matters is not yet another course or yet more work, right? That's why this workshop is all about Rapid Implementation and Rapid Results. We focus only on what you need, keeping it simple & easy.

  • Simplest, fastest, easiest path
  • Proven templates
  • All your questions answered
  • Private online community
  • 100% what's working now
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step-by-Step Live Guidance

This is a 'Done With You' workshop, holding your hand (and yes, giving you a friendly nudge if you need it!). We're not here to learn as much as we're here to earn! That means getting it done - together, in just a few days!

Here's What Your Fellow B&B Owners Are Saying

I've shipped out 60 orders in just a few days this week for lotions (proving very popular!), cards and coasters, plus a couple of gift cards. Thank you! 

June Miller Hershberger

Die Heimat Country Inn B&B, Amana Colonies, Iowa, USA

I've just sent out my Day 2 email. I got my first order!! No kidding, she bought three gifts!! That's $70 already...

Valerie Kessler

Jeremiah Mason House Bed & Breakfast, Limerick, Maine, USA

My gift shop is working. I sold 14 maps, 4 chimes and 3 gift certificates worth $900!! And the gift certificates have no overhead so I like that, too!

Karen Billings

Point Au Roche Lodge, Plattsburgh, New York, USA

Act Now: Christmas Cash the Easy Way

About Yvonne Halling

Yvonne is recognised as the world's leading Bed and Breakfast coach and mentor.

She owned and ran her own multi-award winning B&B for 17 years in the world-famous Champagne region of France, welcoming visitors from all over the world, setting up successful processes and systems that enabled her to grow a six-figure thriving business.

And for the past eight years, Yvonne has taught, coached and mentored fellow B&B owners around the world. In many cases, the results they enjoyed as a result were literally life-changing.

"Why not enjoy your business and your life? It's 100% doable. I'll guide you through it!"

Yvonne Halling - world-leading Bed and Breakfast coach, mentor and trainer

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Whoop! New mailshot started yesterday with ability for guests to actually buy. ???? First two orders in! One is the lady who wrote the Comfort Food Cafe and she has shared on her page. So, what a fab start. Thank you, Yvonne as ever! x

Caroline Newling Ward

Lancombe Country Cottages & Lodges, Maiden Newton, Dorset, UK

30 Day No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you don't love and value this product, just let me know and I'll send you an immediate full refund.

Please note: Given the nature of this workshop, do let me know if you're getting stuck, so I can help you out instead of you falling behind and not having success with this. Fair enough?

Questions You May Have About This Workshop

Will this strategy work in the current economic environment?

Yes it will. Here's why... For one thing, there has been a lot of economic recovery this year. However, whether or not you've seen that where you live, here's the even more important truth: People _always_ find a way to buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. Always. And right now, most people are looking for ways to spread a little cheer. That includes them buying special presents for their loved ones. And we suggest it includes you providing lovely presents for them to buy. ????

What if I don't have any experience selling gifts or products online?

That's no problem at all. Virtually none of my clients or students ever had experience in this, nor did I - when we got started. The truth is, it's really quick and easy when you know how and when you have me guiding each step of the way. (Think of it like having a really experienced cook guiding you through a recipe.)

what if i can't figure out what to offer and sell - and at what prices?

That's a great question, and almost everybody wonders about this. That's why I walk through this and give you plenty of examples, then dive in and give you personal feedback and suggestions on your ideas - so that you can move forward with confidence.

what if i'm one of those people who really struggles with technology?

Firstly, you are not alone! Secondly, we must never let technology run us - we need it to work for us. So I keep things as simple as humanly possible when it comes to my methods and the systems required to make them work (in order to make life easier for you). In other words, I've got your back. We'll get it done. Side by side.

how do i know if this will work for me and my business?

This is a great question - glad you asked! This strategy is very flexible, sound and proven. And... I have never seen a case where it won't work. In fact, every single one of my clients and students who has given it an honest go has made this work, in line with what they put into it and where they're at in their business. So I can assure you, this will work for you and your business. And I'm here to ensure you get the best possible results from it, as quickly, easily and enjoyably as possible.

Act Now: Christmas Cash the Easy Way

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