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Harness Social Media to Attract More Direct Bookings In Just 5 Days

You may not know this, but social media is still the most powerful way to build an audience that know, likes and trusts you. And that's vital in our industry.


But most B&B, Inn and Guest House owners aren't using social media nearly well enough. Very few know how to do so without getting overwhelmed. It's costing them bookings and revenue.

We solve these problems for you in this 5-Day, step-by-step workshop. We keep it simple and get you going with our proven strategy that will delight you and your guests. Register now!

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Discover How to Make Social Media Work for You to Attract More of Your Ideal Guests
(In a Simple Way That Will Delight You and Them)

We're currently in highly unusual, uncertain times. While unsettling, this also brings genuine opportunities for you. Right now, more than ever, your guests will value you for how well you look after them - as a B&B host and as a trusted local advisor.
But first, they need to know, like and trust you. Smart social media is key to solving this problem. Here's how...

Your Best Guests Love Great Hosts Who Are Trusted Local Guides 

In the current environment, people are going to be a lot more choosy when it comes to booking their vacation spots and accommodation. Becoming known as a great host and a trusted advisor on what to see and do in your area is key to how well they 'Know, Like & Trust' you.

Attract More of Them by Bringing Your Guest Experiences to Life

Remember the last time someone gave you an insider's tour of what to see and do in a place you wanted to visit? Chances are, it gave you a great sense of ease and anticipation, knowing what you could expect and how much you'd enjoy it, right? That's what we're talking about...

In Just 5 Days, This Workshop Will Enable You To...

Speak to the Hearts and Minds of Your Ideal Guests

Most B&Bs, Inns and Guest Houses don't have a defined, consistent brand. This costs them dearly. We'll help you create yours, so that it truly connects.

Create a Series of Social Media Posts That Attract Your Ideal Guests

Few B&Bs provide informative, engaging content that is based on what their ideal guests are actually searching for. We'll work together so that yours stands out.

Position Yourself as the 'Go-To' Trusted Guide for Your Local Area

Your ideal guests value your local area knowledge and recommendations. We'll help you leverage this. (Frankly, it's an invaluable, untapped goldmine for you.)

Here's How Well This Works

Thank you, Yvonne Halling. Last night after the coaching call, I went to work on this.

I wrote a post introducing ourselves and then the B&B and it works! +100 page likes, 170 times shared and reached about 15,000 people. And 10 bookings in just ONE day! Without paying for it! I'm thanking every individual with a personal post.

Just like you said, it works when you do it right! Before, I was too focused on promoting my business.

Dylan Bouckaert
Dylan Bouckaert - Owner
Globe Adventures - Brugge, Belgium

Over 200 owners have participated in our Rapid Implementation 5-Day workshops. They love them. Now's your chance. Register today!

Don't Miss Out! Our Special Offer Expires In:

attract more potential guests - right now - IN JUST DAYS

This simple, fast and easy social media strategy has been proven worldwide to generate more visibility and 'know, like & trust' quickly.

"rinse & repeat" throughout the year for even more cash

This strategy works year round to boost your bookings and cashflow.

create extra goodwill that leads to more guest bookings

We all remember people who treat us well, right? By bringing your local guest experience to life, your ideal guests will be even more likely to book visits with you... and recommend you to their family and friends!

What You'll Love About This Workshop

  • setting up your consistent brand across major platforms
  • creating a social media posts to attract your ideal guests
  • positioning you as an expert advisor for your local area

Simple, Easy, Proven Process

The process we'll be using in this workshop has worked for me and fellow B&B owners around the world that I've taught and coached. There are just 3 phases. And I break it all down for you and hold your hand, step by step.

Learn & Earn Quickly & Easily!

As a B&B owner, what matters is not yet another course or yet more work, right? That's why this workshop is all about Rapid Implementation and Rapid Results. We focus only on what you need, keeping it simple & easy.

  • Simplest, fastest, easiest path
  • Proven templates
  • All your questions answered
  • Private online community
  • 100% what's working now
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step-by-Step Live Guidance

This is a 'Done With You' workshop, holding your hand (and yes, giving you a friendly nudge if you need it!). We're not here to learn as much as we're here to earn! That means getting it done - together, in just a few days!

Our Simple, Proven Step-by-Step Process

On each day, we will focus on one vital aspect of getting your Social Media up and running in a way that is natural and effective at boosting your online visibility, enhancing your positioning and bringing you more enquiries and bookings.
(Click on the tab for each day below to learn what you can look forward to learning and having for your B&B.)

  • Day 1

  • Day 2

  • day 3

  • day 4

  • day 5

  • day 6 (bonus session)


Crafting Your Compelling Message

What do you want to say to your ideal guests... as your opening welcome statement? Most B&Bs are still stuck with extremely generic, bland messages that are focused on the property. What they don't do is meet the potential (or returning) guest where they are. These bland messages don't communicate much or anything about the experience that their guests can look forward to. But that's what's most valuable to your guests! So this is a great opportunity for you to shine. And that's just what we'll do here in Day 1.

Here's What Your Fellow B&B Owners Are Saying

We now have 36 room nights for March and April from the spring offer that I just made to returning guests.  Celebrating!

June Miller Hershberger

Die Heimat Country Inn B&B, Amana Colonies, Iowa, USA

I’ve just closed my first offer sequence and it has gone down really well - over £17k in bookings (27 bookings) plus another £2650 prompted by the offer emails. Just shows that the offer sequence works!

Lyn Martin

Dorset House Lyme, Lyme Regis, UK

“32 room nights booked from this first offer and $6310 in revenue! Woo hoo!!”

Karen Billings

Point Au Roche Lodge, Plattsburgh, New York, USA

Act Now: 5-Day Social Media Makeover

About Yvonne Halling

Yvonne is recognised as the world's leading Bed and Breakfast coach and mentor.

She owned and ran her own multi-award winning B&B for 17 years in the world-famous Champagne region of France, welcoming visitors from all over the world, setting up successful processes and systems that enabled her to grow a six-figure thriving business.

And for the past eight years, Yvonne has taught, coached and mentored fellow B&B owners around the world. In many cases, the results they enjoyed as a result were literally life-changing.

"Why not enjoy your business and your life? It's 100% doable. I'll guide you through it!"

Yvonne Halling - world-leading Bed and Breakfast coach, mentor and trainer

This is NOT a 'One-Size-Fits-All' Approach!

On this workshop, we work closely with you to ensure you create a strong Social Media presence within 6 days.
Because of our hands-on approach, places are limited.
Register below to secure your place on the Workshop now for just $97 and let's get started!

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Offer published and had first booking today for it plus another guest book a 7 night holiday on the back of the email.  All good!

Lynne Fisher

St John’s Guest House, Weymouth, UK

30 Day No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason you don't love and value this product, just let me know and I'll send you an immediate full refund.

Please note: Given the nature of this workshop, do let me know if you're getting stuck, so I can help you out instead of you falling behind and not having success with this. Fair enough?

Questions You May Have About This Workshop

Will this strategy work in the current economic environment?

Yes it will. Here's why... In times of great uncertainty like we have right now, your potential guests will tend to focus even more on value (not the same as price!), trust and need (plus desire). That means they will value hosts who really look after them well, not just by looking after their room but also in serving as a trusted guide to your local area. And you represent terrific value compared with big-name hotels and big-ticket holidays. The key is getting known as the great host and trusted local advisor that you are. And social media is unsurpassed at doing just that - if you follow our proven strategy, which is tailored for owners of B&Bs and independent inns.

What if I don't have any experience or skills in creating and posting social media content?

That's no problem at all. Very few of my clients or students have, nor did I - when we got started. The truth is, it's really quick and easy when you know how and when you have me guiding each step of the way. (Think of it like having a really experienced cook guiding you through a recipe. 😃)

what if i'm one of those people who really struggles with technology?

Firstly, you are not alone! Secondly, we must never let technology run us - we need it to work for us. So I keep things as simple as humanly possible when it comes to my methods and the systems required to make them work (in order to make life easier for you). In other words, I've got your back. We'll get it done. Side by side.

what if my bookings are already looking good for the next several weeks?

In that case, congratulations - you're one of the exceptions! However, this strategy will work any time your bookings need a boost. (And you don't want to leave that to the last minute, right?) So if you're already doing great, why not set yourself up to continue doing well and not leave it to chance, market whims etc?

how do i know if this will work for me and my business?

This is a great question - glad you asked! This strategy is very flexible, sound and proven. And... I have never seen a case where it won't work. In fact, every single one of my clients and students who has given it an honest go has made this work, in line with what they put into it and where they're at in their business. So I can assure you, this will work for you and your business. And I'm here to ensure you get the best possible results from it, as quickly, easily and enjoyably as possible.

Act Now: 5-Day Social Media Makeover

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